Fulfillment Warehouse Services

Speed, Service level, and Cost – how well businesses fulfill orders across B2C and B2B sales channels can be the determining factor in achieving brand loyalty.

Solving Fulfillment Warehousing Challenges

There are many types of fulfillment warehousing service providers out there, trusting the right partner to deliver your product to market is a mission-critical business decision.

A Third Party Warehouse Fulfillment partner should do more than pick/pack/ship – they should help solve your day-to-day supply chain challenges, including:

Reducing Cost-to-Serve: How do you serve your customers' faster-cheaper-multi-channel demand?
Scalability: How do you profitably grow your business while managing supply chain expenditure?
Reaching New Markets: What does your distribution network look like in order to reach new customer markets?
Visibility: How do you enable product visibility from online shopping cart to consumer's doorstep?
Fulfillment Warehouse Operational Expertise

There are many types of fulfillment warehouse service providers out there. Deciding which one best aligns with the needs of your business ultimately comes down to one thing – does your provider have the supply chain operational know-how within your industry to support the profitable growth of your business?

Fulfillment Warehouse Operational Expertise
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LEGACY is more than a basic fulfillment house or technology provider – we bring decades of operational experience in the distribution of goods for retail, consumer, distributor/wholesaler and aftermarket channels across North America.


eCommerce Fulfillment: increase visibility, drive service levels, and enable profitable growth of your online supply chain.


Multi-Client/Shared Warehousing: achieve scale in hot distribution markets with turnkey fulfillment warehouse solutions.

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Why Reinvent the Wheel?
Why Reinvent the Wheel?
Navigate the unknowns of e-commerce with your existing supply chain relationships and capabilities.
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Don't Forget About Returns

Reverse logistics, often overlooked, is a differentiating value-add opportunity from your fulfillment provider. Returns from online purchasing, especially in sectors like apparel and home goods, make up a rapidly growing segment of supply chain.

In addition to tracking and processing returns, identifying opportunities to redeploy inventory through sales channels and managing customer service functions can reduce waste in your supply chain.

Estimated percentage of returns from online apparel orders (according to National Retail Federation)
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