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Optimize your eCommerce order fulfillment operations by partnering with an industry-leading pick and pack logistics provider.
What Is Pick and Pack Fulfillment?
A streamlined approach to eCommerce order fulfillment.

Pick and pack order fulfillment is the process by which workers — also known as pickers — pick items from warehouse shelves and package them in individual boxes or envelopes. Pick and pack, which is also referred to as pick, pack and ship, is different from traditional order fulfillment in that orders are packaged for shipment and delivery onsite at a warehouse rather than being sent to a distribution center. By eliminating this additional step — as well as using only the appropriate packing materials and shipping from the optimal fulfillment location — companies can lower costs and reduce shipping times.

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Subscription Boxes
Common Pick and Pack Methods
Find the right pick, pack and ship strategy to enhance order efficiency.

There are a variety of pick and pack methods from which to choose; Legacy supports all of the following:

  • Piece Picking

    Workers pick and pack orders one at a time.

  • Batch Picking

    Workers pick orders in batches and bring them to packing stations all in one go.

  • Zone Picking

    Workers pick and pack partial orders based on their location, or “zone,” within the warehouse. Once a worker has completed their portion of the pick list, they pass it off to the next picker in the next zone, until the completed order finally reaches the packing station.

  • Wave Picking

    Workers pick and pack batches of orders within their designated zone before passing that batch onto pickers in the next zone. The process repeats until each batch of orders is complete, at which point they’re sent to the packing station.

  • Client-specific Picking

    For clients with unique picking requirements, we’re able to develop a custom pick and pack fulfillment program based on your exact specifications.

Our Pick and Pack Services
Get high-touch warehouse pick and pack services for all your fulfillment needs.

At Legacy Supply Chain, we offer a wide variety of pick and pack options, including kitting and assembly, subscription box services and returns management. Kit on-demand or pre-kit based on demand, add marketing inserts to every order, create branded packaging, identify the optimal location to ship out of and more — we’re able to accommodate your every need, and it all comes back by standardized, repeatable processes, customizable technology and unparalleled supply chain expertise.

Our Pick and Pack Process
See a step-by-step breakdown of our pick and pack order flow.
  • Step One: We receive an inbound order transmission via application programming interface (API), electronic data interchange (EDI) platform or other channel.
  • Step Two: Our order management system determines the optimal fulfillment location.
  • Step Three: The order is transmitted to our warehouse management system (WMS).
  • Step Four: We begin the order waving and batching process based on optimal order flow or client requirements.
  • Step Five: We begin the order pick process, which is RF-driven and powered by our WMS and cobot automation technology.
  • Step Six: Picked orders are either conveyed to pack stations or directly handled by the picker for quality assurance, special packaging and kitting and final packout.
  • Step Seven: Packed orders are entered into the parcel system, which leverages our North American volume discount rates.
  • Step Eight: Clients gain visibility into orders and availability via our web portal.

We’re able to integrate with any client’s enterprise platform, which means this entire pick and pack fulfillment process is supported by seamless electronic connectivity. This level of connectivity allows for unparalleled visibility into EDI order confirmation, status updates, shipment confirmation and tracking, invoicing, inventory synchronization and more.

Standard Services

Explore our full catalog of eCommerce fulfillment services:

Order Management
Order Management
We’ll oversee the entire order process — including order fulfillment, value-added kitting and assembly, and service-level prioritization — on your behalf, so you can focus on growing your business and providing exceptional service to your customers.
Pick & Pack Order Fulfillment
Pick & Pack Order Fulfillment
Achieve faster turnaround times and fulfill higher volumes of eCommerce orders by letting Legacy package and sort orders for direct delivery to your end consumers.
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Learn More
Transportation Optimization
Transportation Optimization
Let us help you reduce overall freight costs and enhance supply chain efficiency through mode- and service-level optimization and postal and courier service integration.
Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping
We offer warehousing and fulfillment solutions for dropship SKUs and replacement parts, customized to support the needs of retailers, manufacturers and distributors.
Parcel & Last-Mile Delivery
Access real-time intelligence to increase routing efficiency and gain greater visibility into parcel and last-mile delivery — we have the technology to take you there.
Value Added Services
Kitting & Assembly
Returns Management
Subscription Boxes
Kitting & Assembly
Outsource fulfillment without sacrificing customization or quality — our kitting and assembly services, which include multi-SKU consolidation and custom packaging and labeling, give you the flexibility you need to meet demand.
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Returns Management
Returns are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you need to deal with the additional hassle of managing reverse logistics. Let us handle returns tracking, processing and even customer service, all while reducing waste in your supply chain. Unlike many other 3PL’s, you’ll have visibility throughout the entire process.
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Subscription Boxes
Deliver one-of-a-kind experiences straight to your customers’ front doors — Legacy can take the lead on creating custom-designed and branded subscription boxes customers can’t wait to receive.
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Your Trusted Fulfillment Partner

Discover what you have to gain from working with Legacy.

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Enhance Efficiency
With our pick and pack services, we manage all fulfillment activities — including storing inventory and sending orders out for shipment — under one roof, which streamlines processes and drives operational efficiency.
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Reduce Costs
By enhancing operational efficiency and only using necessary materials to pack orders, our pick and pack services can help you save on material and shipping costs and improve order accuracy.
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Gain Inventory & Order Visibility
Never again worry about where your order stands — our easy-to-use web portal enables you to monitor inventory levels and track the status of pick and pack orders, all in real time.
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Expedite Delivery
Our order management system enables us to fulfill every order from the optimal location, meaning shipments arrive on your customers’ doorsteps that much sooner.
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Focus on Your Strengths
Our team of supply chain experts will handle every step of the pick and pack fulfillment process, so you can get back to more important things — namely, delighting your customers and growing your brand.
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Increase Customer Satisfaction
Accurate orders that are carefully packaged, clearly labeled and consistently on time or early translate to happier, more loyal customers and better word-of-mouth marketing.
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