Connecting the World

through people and supply chains.

About Us

We believe in the power of a more connected world. And staying more connected to our employees, our customers and their consumers is more important than ever. That’s why our purpose is to develop servant leaders who help people, commerce and communities work better together. Because when people lead by example and serve one another, everyone profits – and that certainly feels like a Legacy worth leaving.

Our Vision

In a more connected world, our customers will be nimbler and more responsive to the growing demands of delivering great experiences. Together, we will grow and build stronger, more efficient, and sustainable supply chains that are as good for business as they are for the environment.

A ReImagined Legacy

Over nearly 40 years, Legacy has grown and evolved as a pioneering, mid-sized 3PL provider that businesses depend on to create control over their dynamic omni-channel supply chains – so they can stay more connected to their consumers and ultimately deliver better experiences.

Our reimagined brand reflects that evolution.



Our Values

We take an intentional approach to creating alignment between our people, our culture, and our values. Our proven development methodology ensures these 6 core values guide our business strategy and our daily behaviors.

  • Financial Stability
  • Customer Focus
  • Being the Best
  • Servant Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Making a Difference

Legacy Facts

  • 2500+ employees
  • Over 35 distribution, fulfillment and transportation operating locations in the US and Canada
  • US Corporate Headquarters in Franklin, IN just outside of Indianapolis. Canadian Corporate Headquarters in Brampton Ontario Canada in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Strategic, growth-focused ownership group Eos Partners
  • Strategic partner with Manhattan Associates, a leading Tier 1 supply chain technology provider
  • Serving some of North America’s foremost retailers, consumer goods and industrial manufacturers, hi growth emerging industries, wholesalers and distributors, and businesses servicing customers through omni-channel supply chains
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