Solving Challenges for Industries With Dynamic Supply Chains

No two supply chains are the same – each serves its customer with a unique set of complexities. With broad & deep experience building 3rd party solutions for retailers, manufacturers of consumer goods and industrial products, as well as wholesalers and distributors – we have the operational know-how to solve your dynamic supply chain challenges.

Major North American Retailers

Developing omni-channel solutions that increase speed-to-shelf and drive sales for some of the largest retailers in North America.


  • Synchronize inventory across all sales channels
  • Technology enablement to connect online shopping cart to customer’s front door
  • Operational Expertise to optimize cost to serve brick & mortar and direct-to-consumer


Retail eCommerce Fulfillment Case Study


Retailer Omni-Channel Distribution Case Study

Major North American Retailers
Controlled Consumer Products

Legacy handles many controlled consumer products, including firearms, ammunition, EV batteries, and licensed recreational cannabis.


  • Federally Licensed by Health Canada to Provide Storage, Distribution & Transportation
    Services for Licensed Cannabis Producers
  • Experienced in EV batteries, hazardous materials, and oversized and unique transportation requirements
Controlled Consumer Products
Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Custom 3rd party solutions that optimize cost-to-serve and reach consumers where they want to shop.


  • Supply chain know-how to ensure product flows through omni-channel supply chain
  • Technology integration to connect retailer, distributor and other strategic sales channels
  • Compliance expertise to meet vendor requirements of Big Box retailers


Consumer Goods Dedicated Fleet Case Study

Consumer Goods Manufacturers
Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer
Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer

This eBook provides a research-based framework in which retailers and service providers can examine 6 supply chain disciplines essential to staying ahead in an ever-changing retail supply chain world.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Value-added distribution solutions for manufacturers of industrial equipment and components.


  • Assembly and light manufacturing of lighting, power, aviation, and other specialized industrial products
  • B2B eCommerce fulfillment solutions to serve value-added distributor and installer networks
  • Foreign trade zone and duty deferment solutions


Industrial Manufacturing Case Study


Facility Relocation & People Optimization Case Study

Industrial Manufacturing
Distributors & Wholesalers

B2B and B2C solutions for businesses who serve consumers through value-added reseller, distributor, and installer networks.


  • Same day/next day fulfillment to support time-sensitive installer network requirements
  • Drive inventory and transportation visibility across diverse distributor, wholesaler, and installer sales channels
  • Network optimization to align distribution footprint


A/V Manufacturer & Distributor Case Study

Distributors & Wholesalers