Sustainability is integral to our business strategy, our company culture, and the legacy we create. LEGACY Supply Chain Services is committed to ethical, socially responsible business practices.

Our sustainability mission is to:

  • IMPROVE the well-being of PEOPLE (our employees and those in our communities)
  • GROW our FINANCIAL stability


LEGACY works to IMPROVE the well-being of the PEOPLE on our team and in our communities by:

  • Promoting “Best in Class,” a multiple-program environmental health and safety initiative, in all facilities.
  • Committing Behavior-Based Safety, OSHA compliance and performance metrics to our culture.
  • Stretching as a team at the start of each shift.
  • Developing the LEGACY Health Challenge, a corporate challenge focused on nutrition, exercise, and community service.
  • Implementing community outreach programs at each facility and encouraging community involvement through leadership development initiatives.
  • Structuring a corporate Community Outreach Committee to provide resources for facility-driven initiatives, community events, and fundraisers.

LEGACY recognizes the need to continually GROW our FINANCIAL stability, as it makes possible our abilities to protect the environment and grow our people. We do so by:

  • Meeting or exceeding profit margins, return-on-investment goals, and growth expectations.
  • Maintaining tight budgets and on-time payment strategies.
  • Training all leaders on best practices in financial activities.
  • Focusing on safeguarding company assets.
  • Adhering to strict internal financial controls.
  • Sustaining the highest level of business ethics and credit ratings.


  • Recycling to reduce waste.
  • Implementing energy-efficient lighting.
  • Leveraging technology and process design to support paperless transactions.
  • Supporting telecommuting to minimize transportation costs.
  • Conducting LEAN events to eliminate waste.
  • Utilizing eco-friendly corporate headquarters and office locations.
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