Multi-Client (Shared) Warehousing

Access a complete distribution infrastructure with reduced capital expense: our multi-client warehousing facilities are strategically located in key distribution hubs, allowing you to scale your business and reach your customers on-time at the right cost.

Shared Warehousing & Distribution Solutions
  • eCommerce order fulfillment
  • B2B and B2C pick/pack and order fulfillment
  • Assembly and light manufacturing
  • Kitting and Packaging
  • Barcoding and labeling
  • Product inspection and testing
  • High volume cross-docking
  • WMS/RF technology
Shared Warehousing & Distribution Solutions
Serve Your Customers in Key Markets

Our multi-client warehousing facilities create flexibility, availability and quick access to your customers in key distribution markets.


Reno Distribution Facility: drive speed-to-serve your customers in the Western United States – Reno is a strategically located distribution hub featuring 1-2 day access to all Western US metro markets and NO Inventory tax.


Toronto Distribution Facility: serve your Canadian customer base from our Brampton/Toronto, Ontario facility – complete distribution infrastructure to optimize your North of the border logistics costs.

Serve Your Customers in Key Markets
Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer
Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer

This eBook provides a research-based framework in which retailers and service providers can examine 6 supply chain disciplines essential to staying ahead in an ever-changing retail supply chain world.

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Adding Value to Your Business

Big Box Retail Compliance: we know the ins and outs of big-box vendor compliance: eliminate costly compliance fees and delivery delays.


Visibility: we operate a fully automated warehouse management system (WMS) with barcode technology for complete inventory visibility.


Transportation Services: leverage our international and domestic transportation brokerage services for a bundled supply chain solution.

Adding Value to Your Business
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