eCommerce Fulfillment

To drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, and create brand loyalty – businesses must master the complex challenges of eCommerce fulfillment by increasing speed-to-consumer, integrating technology, and optimizing cost-to-serve.

Consumers continue to increase online spend. Can your supply chain keep up?

A strong eCommerce fulfillment strategy is more than shopping cart integration and automated pick-pack-ship. A 3PL partner with a deep understanding of retail channels, integrated technology solutions, and supply chain operational know-how can enable businesses to scale their rapidly growing online supply chain.

Annual Online Purchasing Growth - 5 year trend
The Right eCommerce Fulfillment Strategy for Your Online Supply Chain

The rules of eCommerce fulfillment are still being written. The right strategic 3PL partner for your eCommerce business will empower you to write your own.

Technology Enablement: Integration from front-end online shopping carts to back-end inventory management – and everything in between. Powered by Manhattan WMS.
Network and Operations Design: Optimization of facility and distribution footprint to synchronize inventory and meet eCommerce and omni-channel demand.
Labor Optimization: Flexible labor models to control costs during seasonal and promotionally-driven volume fluctuations.
Retailer Full-Scale Supply Chain Solution
Retailer Full-Scale Supply Chain Solution
LEGACY SCS partnered with one of Canada’s largest retailers to develop a full-scale, custom supply chain solution – supporting the client’s growth and enabling rapid expansion into new retail markets.
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Customized eCommerce Fulfillment Solutions

Leading North American retailers and consumer product companies trust LEGACY with their growing eCommerce business. Whether it’s building full-scale solutions within dedicated environments or leveraging turn-key eCommerce fulfillment shared facilities, we partner with leading large and mid-sized businesses to enable growth in today’s online supply chain.

Order Management: Direct-to-consumer pick-pack-order fulfillment, value-added kitting and assembly, and service level prioritization.
Transportation Optimization: Mode/service level optimization, postal, and courier service integration.
Dropship: Warehousing and fulfillment solutions for dropship SKUs and replacement parts – customized for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.
Returns and Reverse Logistics: Tracking, processing, and customer service to reduce waste in your supply chain.
Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer
Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer

This eBook provides a research-based framework in which retailers and service providers can examine 6 supply chain disciplines essential to staying ahead in an ever-changing retail supply chain world.

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eCommerce Fulfillment: Warehousing and Distribution Locations

We provide flexibility for companies of all sizes who are looking to enable eCommerce fulfillment in major North American markets – or leverage our shared fulfillment infrastructure to control cost, reduce risk and optimize speed-to-market.

Dedicated eCommerce Operations: Scale your existing distribution infrastructure to meet online supply chain demand
West Coast eCommerce Fulfillment: Our shared operation in Reno, Nevada provides a national hub to serve all U.S. West Coast markets.
East Coast eCommerce Fulfillment: Our shared operation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is centralized to serve Canada’s largest markets.
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