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Legacy eliminates the hassle of eCommerce returns management, so you can focus on what matters most — serving your customers.
The Need for Outsourced eCommerce Returns Management
Returns are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean they need to be difficult.

For eCommerce companies, returns are part of the cost of doing business. A quarter of all consumers return between 5% and 15% of items they buy online, and the rise of eCommerce over the past decade has driven a 33% increase in the return rate of overall retail sales. Managing returns can be a complex and costly process, especially for companies that don’t have the infrastructure in place to support reverse logistics. Fortunately, Legacy has not only the infrastructure, but also the supply chain experience, technical expertise and advanced technology to ensure a fast and efficient returns process.

Reverse Logistics Solutions Tailored to Your Business
We’ll work with you to find the right returns management strategy based on your business model.

We recognize that no two clients are alike, which is why our solutions team will work closely with you to understand your company, your products and your unique requirements and manage returns accordingly. As a standard practice, we perform a quality assurance process, during which we thoroughly inspect every item returned and validate that it is what the customer received. Depending on the nature of the return and your specifications, once QA is complete, we’ll either return that item to stock, submit it for cosmetic repairs or dispose of it. From a systemic standpoint, we’ll also communicate with your host system of choice to issue any returns and credits notices.

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Common Challenges Associated with Reverse Logistics Fulfillment

Eliminate complexity from the returns management process with help from Legacy.


From our custom-designed solutions to our dedicated reverse logistics services, we’re able to solve some of the biggest pain points associated with returns management, including:

Lack of Warehousing Space
With 1.4 million square feet of multi-client warehousing space in the U.S. and Canada, we have more than enough room to meet your company’s reverse logistics needs.
Complex Return Order Flows
From a customizable quality assurance program to advanced warehouse automations, we have the infrastructure in place to handle even the most complex return order flows.
Lack of Internal Resources
We utilize advanced automations and flexible labor models to control costs during volume fluctuations, so you can scale operations over time without having to add headcount to your team.
Rising Consumer Expectations
Returns don't have to be a hassle, for you or your customer. Exceed their expectations with our seamless return process.
Lack of Visibility
Our Tier 1 Warehouse Management System — which we use to manage reverse logistics — can integrate directly with your online storefront, so you can monitor the status of returns in real time.
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High Cost of Returns
We’re able to lower shipping and overhead costs by applying volume-based discounts to returns and leveraging proven technology to drive efficiencies at every step of the process.
ECommerce Platforms Legacy Supports for Reverse Logistics

Get world-class returns management support for leading eCommerce platforms.

Your Trusted Fulfillment Partner

Discover what you have to gain from working with Legacy.

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Cost Mitigation
Flexible labor models, warehouse automations, volume-based shipping discounts, intelligent order management and more — we’ve designed every aspect of our reverse logistics service with cost mitigation in mind.
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Customizable Quality Assurance & Control
We’ll tailor our returns management process — including quality assurance and control — to meet your exact specifications, so that you receive a truly custom reverse logistics solution.
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Optimized Inventory Management
Our secure web portal, which integrates directly with our WMS, makes it easy for clients to view their inventory levels, monitor return orders, access KPI reports and more from any browser for optimized inventory management.
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Ability to Handle a High Volume of Returns
We have the dedicated infrastructure in place and the flexibility to scale reverse logistics operations up or down as needed in order to accommodate seasonal and promotional-driven volume fluctuations.
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Access to Returns Intelligence
By integrating with our WMS, you’ll receive real-time updates on the status of return orders, as well as detailed reports on the cause of return, the accuracy of our picking process, product condition and more.
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Total Control Over Every Step of the Process
From our solutions team to our customer success group, you’ll have an entire team of highly trained professionals supporting you at every stage of the returns process — all through a single point of contact — giving you total control.
Standard Services

Explore our full catalog of eCommerce fulfillment services:

Order Management
Order Management
We’ll oversee the entire order process — including order fulfillment, value-added kitting and assembly, and service-level prioritization — on your behalf, so you can focus on growing your business and providing exceptional service to your customers.
Pick & Pack Order Fulfillment
Pick & Pack Order Fulfillment
Achieve faster turnaround times and fulfill higher volumes of eCommerce orders by letting Legacy package and sort orders for direct delivery to your end consumers.
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Transportation Optimization
Transportation Optimization
Let us help you reduce overall freight costs and enhance supply chain efficiency through mode- and service-level optimization and postal and courier service integration.
Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping
We offer warehousing and fulfillment solutions for dropship SKUs and replacement parts, customized to support the needs of retailers, manufacturers and distributors.
Parcel & Last-Mile Delivery
Access real-time intelligence to increase routing efficiency and gain greater visibility into parcel and last-mile delivery — we have the technology to take you there.
Value Added Services
Kitting & Assembly
Subscription Boxes
Kitting & Assembly
Outsource fulfillment without sacrificing customization or quality — our kitting and assembly services, which include multi-SKU consolidation and custom packaging and labeling, give you the flexibility you need to meet demand.
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Subscription Boxes
Deliver one-of-a-kind experiences straight to your customers’ front doors — Legacy can take the lead on creating custom-designed and branded subscription boxes customers can’t wait to receive.
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