Outsourcing Warehousing and Distribution

Trusting warehousing and distribution to a third party logistics provider has become one of the most impactful strategies for businesses serving multiple sales channels. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer of consumer goods or industrial components – to optimize cost-to-serve you need a partner with expertise in dynamic supply chain environments.

Experts in Dynamic Warehousing and Distribution Environments

Companies across many industries leverage our value-added contract distribution solutions to control costs and improve efficiency: we develop the right “4-wall” operational solution for your business.


Ever-evolving consumer demand places pressure on supply chains to deliver faster and cheaper to all sales channels: we build omni-channel distribution solutions for the largest retailers in North America, to ensure inventory is synchronized across B2B and B2C channels.


Mastering online supply chain requires technology enablement and supply chain know-how: we create tailored eCommerce fulfillment solutions that drive cart-to-consumer visibility and optimize cost-to-serve your online consumer.


For growing companies looking to reduce upfront costs and improve scalability: our multi-client warehousing facilities provide the distribution infrastructure to support profitable business growth.

Dedicated Contract Warehousing and Distribution: reduce costs year-over-year within the 4 walls of your large warehouse operation
Omni-channel Distribution: synchronize inventory across all B2B and B2C sales channels
eCommerce Fulfillment: optimize cost-to serve your online supply chain
Multi-Client Distribution: leverage turn-key distribution centers in major North American markets
Scaling Technology & Developing People
Scaling Technology & Developing People
A rapidly-growing manufacturer and exclusive provider of audio, video and CCTV products for residential and commercial A/V integrators, (for purposes of this case study referred to as AV4I), sought a next-level supply chain partner.
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Customized Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

We take a holistic approach to warehouse operations: by focusing on the the optimization of people, systems and processes, we continually improve our customers’ supply chains – and lower costs.

Customized Warehousing and Distribution Solutions
Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer
Keeping Up with the Retail Consumer

This eBook provides a research-based framework in which retailers and service providers can examine 6 supply chain disciplines essential to staying ahead in an ever-changing retail supply chain world.

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Adding Value Through People

LEGACY believes in driving the extra level of supply chain value with strong operational culture. While other 3PL providers focus solely on systems and processes, we employ a proprietary model for measuring and developing a culture inside the warehouse that continually provides results for our clients.


Ongoing employee training and leadership development programs foster a higher level of engagement: lower employee turnover, increased levels of safety and service, higher productivity and annual cost reduction are the result. A recent case study shows how culture directly drives warehouse performance.

Adding Value Through People
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