Contract Warehousing & Distribution

Supply chain is the new differentiator for businesses facing increased pressure to serve customers faster, at a lower cost. To gain and maintain market share, or scale into new markets – warehousing and distribution strategy and execution must be aligned.

Solving Dynamic Distribution Challenges
Improving COST-to-SERVE & SPEED-to-MARKET: How do we get it there on-time at the right cost?
OMNI-CHANNEL COMPLEXITY: How do we synchronize inventory across multiple B2B and B2C sales channels?
LABOR CHALLENGES: How do we optimize our warehouse workforce to improve productivity, quality, and service?
Lacking OPERATIONAL EXPERTISE: How do we master the daunting competency requirements in today's dynamic supply chain?
Driving CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: How do we avoid performance plateaus within the operation's four walls?

Driving sales, increasing market share, and increasing brand loyalty – these strategic business objectives can all be driven from within the four walls of a distribution facility. An expert operator who understands your dynamic warehouse environment can ramp speed-to-serve, drive efficiency, reduce supply chain costs – and enable profitable business growth.

Expert Supply Chain Operators

LEGACY’s contract warehouse network spans 30+ operations and over 6,000,000 sq. ft. across the U.S. and Canada. Our holistic approach to aligning people, processes, and systems to optimize cost-to-serve has produced long-standing results for industries with dynamic supply chains: including retail, consumer goods, electronics, distributors and wholesalers, e-commerce, and industrial manufacturing.

Expert Supply Chain Operators

Awards & Certifications

Sam’s Club honored LEGACY with their 2017 Third Party Provider of the Year Award for driving Membership Value through excellence in service within Sam’s Club’s warehousing and transportation network.

Sam’s Club honored LEGACY with their 2017 Import Distribution Center of the Year Award for warehousing operations excellence and overall supply chain metrics performance.

Wal-mart Stores, Inc. honored LEGACY with the Sam’s Club Carrier of the Year Award for their remarkably well-executed partnership throughout 2013.

Named one of America’s Leading 3PLs for leadership in leveraging industry-leading technology to provide logistics solutions.

Sam's Club: LEGACY was honored with the 2013 3PL Provider of the Year Award for improving supply chain operations and industry leading customer service and 3PL performance.

This warehouse certification uses industry standard-grading methodology for facility assessments by independent third parties.

Sam's Club: LEGACY was honored with the 2016 Import DC of the Year Award for overall performance to operational metrics including cost, service, compliance & quality.

Named as a Top 100 3PL Provider in 2018 by Inbound Logistics magazine for helping to drive enterprise business process improvement. This is LEGACY'S 10th year in a row winning this award.

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Large Industrial Power Equipment Manufacturer
Large Industrial Power Equipment Manufacturer
Facing business challenges similar to other companies in the industrial manufacturing industry – including improving cost-to-serve, increasing speed-to-market, responding to requirements for technology advancement, and adapting to the supply chain dynamics created from the rise of e-commerce fulfillment. Learn how LEGACY solved for the challenges of the industrial manufacturing supply chains.
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B2B and B2C Warehousing and Distribution Models
  • Multi-point DC-to-DC
  • DC-to-store distribution
  • Manufacturing component fulfillment
  • Omni-channel distribution
  • eCommerce fulfillment
  • Direct to installer & contractor fulfillment
B2B and B2C Warehousing and Distribution Models
High Service Solutions

Contract Warehousing defined is the outsourced management of warehousing operations by a third-party provider, typically in a large-scale facility, with all labor, operational processes, technology, and square footage dedicated to a single tenant. We specialize in developing high service solutions in this contract warehousing environment — through our unique blend of operational expertise, continuous improvement of performance metrics, and development of leadership culture within all four walls of the facility.

Custom technology integration solutions
Labor management
Reverse logistics and returns processing
Customer service and claims management
High-volume cross docking
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