eCommerce Fulfillment

Legacy has a proven history of building dependable and highly customizable connections between our eCommerce fulfillment clients and their customers.
Discover the Legacy Difference
Right-sized 3PL Provider
Right-sized 3PL Provider
Broad, scalable infrastructure and omnichannel expertise you can’t get from a small 3PL, with the customizable, high-touch service you won’t find with the big guys.
Customizable Tech
Customizable Tech
End-to-end visibility from cart to consumer, driving efficiency, reducing costs and building deeper connections with your customers.
Human Difference
Human Difference
Customer Success and Solutions teams that deliver dedicated support and customized, hands-on service, and experienced warehouse staff who drive efficiency at every turn.
Let Us Solve Your Most Pressing Fulfillment Challenges

Legacy offers the right blend of operational expertise, technological capabilities and creative solutions to take your online supply chain to the next level. Here’s just a preview of how we can help solve your most pressing eCommerce fulfillment challenges:

  • Lack of Logistics Infrastructure & Expertise

    With over 40 years of logistics experience to our name, we have the proven practical knowledge and infrastructure to support your entire supply chain.

  • Rising Costs & Customer Expectations

    We’re able to offer lower shipping and overhead costs through volume-based discounts, reliable technology, and a decentralized network.

  • Lack of Scalability

    With Legacy, there’s always room to grow. From seamless integrations with all online marketplaces to 1.4 million square feet of warehouse space, we can provide instant scalability. No more stressing about fulfilling orders on time after a sudden burst of sales.

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Broad, Scalable Network

Our integrated network of fulfillment facilities are strategically located in key shipping hubs, enabling you to deliver to 95% of the U.S. population with 2-day ground shipping and deliver a customized experience at high speed for the lowest possible cost.

95 %
of the U.S. population with 2-day ground shipping
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Carriers We Ship With

We ship with all major carriers, as well as all major regional and national LTL carriers.


Explore our full catalog of standard and value-added eCommerce fulfillment services:

Standard Services
Order Management
Order Management
We’ll oversee the entire order process from start to finish, all while providing unparalleled visibility and service. Legacy enables you to focus on growing your business and providing exceptional service to your customers, taking the logistics process off your plate, but not out of your sight.
Pick & Pack Order Fulfillment
Pick & Pack Order Fulfillment
Achieve faster turnaround times and fulfill higher volumes of eCommerce orders by letting Legacy package and sort orders for direct delivery to your end consumers.
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Transportation Optimization
Transportation Optimization
Let us help you reduce overall freight costs and enhance supply chain efficiency through mode- and service-level optimization and postal and courier service integration.
Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping
We offer warehousing and fulfillment solutions for dropship SKUs and replacement parts, customized to support the needs of retailers, manufacturers and distributors.
Parcel & Last-Mile Delivery
Access real-time intelligence to increase routing efficiency and gain greater visibility into parcel and last-mile delivery — we have the technology to take you there.
Value Added Services
Kitting & Assembly
Returns Management
Subscription Boxes
Kitting & Assembly
Outsource fulfillment without sacrificing customization or quality. Our kitting and assembly services include multi-SKU consolidation, custom packaging and labeling, and even marketing materials and inserts, giving you the flexibility you need to meet demand and put smiles on your customer’s faces.
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Returns Management
Returns are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you need to deal with the additional hassle of managing reverse logistics. Let us handle returns tracking, processing and even customer service, all while reducing waste in your supply chain. Unlike many other 3PL’s, you’ll have visibility throughout the entire process.
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Subscription Boxes
Deliver one-of-a-kind experiences straight to your customers’ front doors — Legacy can take the lead on creating custom-designed and branded subscription boxes customers can’t wait to receive.
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Our Fulfillment Technology

We offer integration from front-end online shopping carts to back-end inventory management — and everything in between — all powered by the proven performance of our custom Warehouse Management Systems, featuring Manhattan and Synapse WMS.

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Tier 1 Warehouse Management System
We use an array of warehouse technologies to create a customizable solution that can be attuned to each customer’s specific needs. Our system offers quick implementation, seamless integration, instant scalability and high data visibility — all at a cost-effective price.
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Proprietary Order Management System
Our proprietary OMS offers us the visibility to view orders for clients using our multi-node solution at the top level and then determine the best course of action for fulfillment.
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Web Portal for Inventory, Orders & Invoicing
Our secure web portal makes it easy for clients to view their inventory levels, monitor the status of open shipments, modify orders, access KPI reports and more — all in real time.
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Platform
Our proprietary, enterprise-level EDI platform integrates with virtually any enterprise system — allowing for seamless connectivity between our WMS and your online webstore and ERP platform — and extends to all retail and sales channel partners.
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6 River Systems Cobots
Our fulfillment centers utilize advanced collaborative robot automation technology to optimize operations, enhance labor productivity and increase order volume throughput.
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Transportation Management System
Our TMS can handle complicated parcel manifesting with ease, ensuring that when we book a carrier, we choose the right shipping provider and transportation mode based on cost. Our TMS sends tracking data directly to you, enabling you to push it directly to your customers.
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Our Integrations

We offer a wide variety of eCommerce cart and marketplace integrations and are adding new ones every day. We also offer the flexibility to integrate with your system of choice, regardless of whether it’s a recognized name or a homegrown system.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Services

Our eCommerce fulfillment solutions integrate seamlessly with Amazon, enabling you to manage seller and vendor relationships with ease. For each relationship, you have the freedom and flexibility to decide whether to fulfill orders through a regional fulfillment center, a distribution center, direct fulfillment or through one of our vendor flex nodes.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Services
Subscription Box Fulfillment Services

Increase sales order volumes by delivering one-of-a-kind experiences straight to your customers’ front doors. We work closely with our clients to create tailored subscription box solutions — including custom labeling and packaging and fast, cost-effective order fulfillment — to help them delight customers and grow their brands.

Subscription Box Fulfillment Services
Legacy Performance Standards

Connected dependability isn’t just a set of pretty words, it’s our daily reality. These are performance standards you can rely on:

Dock-to-Stock in 48hrs
When your products arrive at our warehouse, we get to work. We'll have them stocked and ready to ship in just 48 hours.
Order Accuracy
Reliable systems and reliable people lead to reliable deliveries. We maintain 99.9%+ accuracy on all of our orders.
On-Time Shipping
When it comes to deliveries, customers have ever-increasing expectations. Legacy will make sure you exceed them.
Inventory Accuracy
Clear visibility on your inventory is important, but knowing that you can rely on that visibility is even better.
How Legacy Stacks up to the Competition
eCommerce Elements
Legacy’s eCommerce Fulfillment Network
eCommerce-only Service Providers
Local & Regional 3PLs
High capacity in the U.S. & Canada
Integrated Network in the U.S. & Canada
Commonly serviced through 4PL operational arrangement
Limited national service coverage
Large-scale tech investment & resourcing; highly customizable, though at a cost
Seamless, adaptable eCommerce tech environment, with OMS, WMS & TMS
Strong tech platform with less complexity & customization capability
Highly customizable platform, but with less sophisticated solution capabilities & limited resources
Strong network operational acumen with some process standardization across the network
Supply Chain Expertise
Standardized processes that leverage broad supply chain experience & continuous improvement acumen
Integrated and automated customer service functionality
Strong local operational acumen with a lack of standardization across locations
Lack of dedicated service contact; service is siloed by site
Customer Service Mindset
Dedicated network-level Customer Success function, which creates a single voice of the customer
Integrated and automated customer service functionality
Customer service managed at the local site level
Broad transportation & dedicated service capability
eCommerce Model
Right-sized blend of turn-key & customized service creates an economy of scale with flexibility and the ability to leverage broader omnichannel solutions
Simple, turn-key model with potential cost benefits; a large number of customers; less adaptability and flexibility
Customized solutions create flexibility, but introduce potential for inflated costs and lack broader capacity to enable scalability
Large-scale network capacity, but lacking in customer connectivity and flexibility; high degree of volatility for small and mid-size customers
Distribution Channels We Support

Get full coverage for all your order fulfillment needs — we support all major distribution channels, so you can provide fast and accurate delivery to your customers, no matter how they prefer to shop.

B2B Retail
DTC/ eCommerce
Retail Drop Shipping
Wholesale Fulfillment
Fullfilled by Amazon
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