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LEGACY has extensive experience in managing the supply chains of the world’s largest companies, across multiple verticals. We understand the intricacies specific to each vertical that are required to build an efficient supply chain solution to tackle your unique logistics challenges.


Retail: Randa Accessories


Aerospace: Fortune 100 Company

LEGACY has a proven approach to building a culture between 3PL and client partner that becomes the foundation for a successful & collaborative relationship. The result with this Fortune 100 aerospace client was no different. Frequent and actionable communication cascaded from weekly business review sessions. Operations leadership shared both short-term tactical needs and long-term strategic objectives, allowing LEGACY to execute the best solution to drive performance.

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Retail: Fortune 500 Retailer

The following is a story of one of the largest retailers in the US leveraging a dedicated transportation solution to drive value into their supply chain. This member-based wholesale chain has over 600 club locations across the country, serving nearly 50 million members annually. This retail giant drives cost and service efficiencies in the supply chain through a complex network of outsourced 3PL partners - allowing them to offer quality products at low cost to their customers. They are committed to sustainability and supporting small businesses, and have consistently focused on expanding their offerings to online and in-person customers alike.

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High Tech

Fortune 100 Energy Infrastructure Provider

This company faced issues with safety, quality and efficiency within pick and consolidation processes. The company suffered from significant safety issues within the facility due to layout, flow of work and PIT travel paths. They also struggled with excessive time spent matching product within orders due to significant travel waste and unbalanced work levels between pick and consolidation processes.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Small Parcel Processing Company

West coast distribution operation unable to meet demand in small parcel processing area during peak season. Warehouse inefficiencies such as processing orders five days behind schedule and multiple areas of high demand made it difficult for staff to maintain the flexibility necessary to process overdue orders. The client needed an immediate solution to restore small parcel processing to current processing.

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences Technology Company

Due to supply chain and warehouse inefficiencies, the client was not meeting the rising demand for field installation kits. This was delaying revenue recognition, and resulting in lost sales. Their setup required 300 feet of walking per kit ordered—a total of six miles per day. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) showed a 13-hour cycle time for the most frequently built kit, rendering them unable to keep up with demand.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Large Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Fortune 500 manufacturing company experiencing performance problems requiring fast-paced facility relocation. This company’s customer base includes large Big Box home improvement retailers and small to mid-size wholesale distributors. The ability to quickly move in all directions was essential to connecting with the Big Box retailers’ DCs. Time was not the only imperative -- the existing location unnecessarily increased the cost to serve their ever changing customer base.

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Aftermarket Automotive

Dual Electronics Corporation

Dual Electronics had outsourced its distribution near its port of importation. Dual did not accurately track inventory, leading to stock-outs, missed shipments, and customer delivery delays. Inaccurate inventory caused uncertainty leading to increased safety stock, residence costs, and taxes. When combined with the extended transit time due to the DC location, the overall cost-to-serve key customers became unacceptable.

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