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Retail: Randa Accessories

Rand Accessories

Customer Success Story: Randa Accessories (Retail)
Business Issue: Global Freight Forwarding Services and Foreign Trade Zone Enablement

The Client 

Founded in 1910, Randa is one of the world’s largest accessories companies, spanning 11 countries, with a portfolio of 50 brands and over 100 years of experience. From sketch to scale, across four extraordinary product divisions, Randa produces exceptional products and services worldwide, delighting customers and making partners successful.

Global Supply Chain Challenges

Randa sources fashion accessories from global manufacturers for distribution throughout North American and Eurpean markets. As the business grew, Randa’s supply chain became increasingly more complex. As a result, the company’s leadership team needed to make the following enhancements to its capabilities in order to better serve various markets:

  • Increase diversity in it U.S. distribution footprint, including adding a distribution location to support growing product lines
  • Improve visibility into global supply chain activity
  • Find more effective ways to manage transportation and the distribution of goods to mitigate landed costs

The Solution

LEGACY Supply Chain Services has extensive experience providing transportation brokerage and freight forwarding services to leading enterprises, as well as consulting clients in foreign trade zone programs. As Randa assessed its supply chain network, it identified leveraging a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) as a top opportunity. LEGACY was first introduced to Randa as the Administrator of FTZ 126 in Northern Nevada, and a partnership to address Randa’s needs around landed costs developed from there.

LEGACY initially provided Randa with consultation on FTZ opportunities, an FTZ feasibility analysis and FTZ application and activation services, either directly or through strategic partnerships. Over the years, the relationship between the two companies has grown, as Randa made LEGACY its primary logistics services partner, supporting the transporation of goods from offshore manufacturing to final distribution in North America.

Today, Randa and LEGACY continue to enjoy a highly collaborative partnership, one that includes the following value-added logistics solutions:

  • Freight forwarding and transportation services on air and ocean shipments out of several global origin markets
  • Consultation and training on FTZ entry requirements; trade, tariff and compliance regulations; and documentation and product classification
  • Forwarding delivery services for U.S.-based customer markets
  • Distribution support in the U.S. market
  • Continued consultation and support for Randa’s strategy to further scale the use of its foreign trade zone

One of the key ingredients to Randa’s success is having great business partners like LEGACY. Their continued support from transportation services to import consultations has been exceptional and we value and appreciate our long-standing relationship.”

-Randy Kennedy, Executive Vice President & Chief Logistics Officer, Randa Accessories

Business Impact

Through consultation and support, Randa was able to:

  • Address global supply chain complexities
  • Seize opportunities to enhance customer service capabilities
  • Mitigate import duties
  • Reduce landed costs through consultation on import compliance and goods classification
  • Improve visibility into supply chain activity through enhanced communication, technology, and level of provider service

In recognition of this partnership, LEGACY Suppy Chain Services was named Randa Accessories 2018 Logistics Partner of the Year for exceptional service and overall logistics performance. Randa and LEGACY’s story is one of mutual growth — what began as a simple conversation has evolved into a long-term value-added partnership.

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