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Trends in E-Commerce Logistics

Sep 18, 2023
Dario Markovic

The e-commerce industry is undergoing significant logistics changes to meet customers’ growing demands for seamless and fast delivery in what is projected to be a $6.91 trillion global online sales market by 2024.

Key trends include:

  • The use of drone delivery to speed up timely drop-offs.
  • Local drop points for package pickup.
  • Real-time tracking for better convenience.
  • A focus on green logistics to reduce the carbon footprint.


“While technology and innovation are reshaping the industry, experienced people on your operations, technology, and customer service teams are critical in ensuring rapid problem-solving, maintaining safety & security standards, and constantly seeking ways to improve delivery efficiency.”

-Mike Glover, VP of E-Commerce Fulfillment

Read the full article here: Forbes – Trends In E-Commerce Logistics: More Than Just Shipping

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