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LEGACY Transportation Management Solution

We recently launched our new and improved online Transportation Management Solution. We are excited about the system- so we decided to blog about it!

In addition to complete online shipment rating, execution and document generation, the online TMS gives shippers and logistics operations many cool new features not available in our previous versions. For instance:

  • Our clients now have online visibility to all LTL freight and truckload shipments
  • Shippers can manage shipment status notification messages
  • Shipments can be submitted for truckload and spot quotes – for those interested in saving a few bucks
  • Cleaner, more intuitive user interface
  • Canadian shipments can be generated online
  • Customizable report writing tool

Where the system really opens eyes is the true transportation management and integration options we can now offer clients. To quickly mention a few:

  • Lane and pricing analytics – optimize your transportation & distribution network
  • Order integration – streamline transportation data into your system
  • Contract management and freight auditing
  • Leverage TMS functionality across to your clients (ask us how)

For those shippers and logistics managers out there who may be interested, I encourage you to set up a demo of the system to see it for yourself. We have included a link to contact us– just make a note in the comments field that you would like to learn more about our TMS capabilities. We look forward to speaking with you about potential opportunities to save you time, increase your efficiency and save money directly and indirectly through the use of the system.

See Our TMS in Action!

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