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TMSi Logistics Named Top 100 3PL Provider by Inbound Logistics Magazine

(Portsmouth, NH | Fernandina, FL) – TMSi Logistics is proud to announce that it has again been named as one of the Top 100 3PL Providers by Inbound Logistics Magazine, a leading publication in the logistics industry. This prestigious honor is awarded based on criteria such as operational excellence, innovation, network of customer relationships, and quality of services. TMSi Logistics was selected out of a candidate pool of over 500 companies that specialize in outsourced logistics services. See Inbound Logistics Magazine’s full list of honorees.

Felecia Stratton, editor of Inbound Logistics, states; “Whatever the company size — from Fortune 500 to SMBs – ­world-class logistics performance is crucial.  Given the scope and scale of the challenge, it is impressive to see TMSi Logistics providing the kinds of solutions that companies large and small rely on to solve the tactical logistics issues of serving customers better, faster, and more efficiently.” Ms. Stratton continues, “It is equally impressive that TMSi Logistics is responsive, and continues to anticipate evolving needs by offering the strategic solutions required to drive business process improvement and change for their customers. For those reasons, Inbound Logistics editors are proud to recognize TMSi Logistics as one of the Top 100 3PLs for 2011.”

“It’s very rewarding to see that we’re on the Top 100 list again, because it tells us that we are focused on what really matters to companies that use third-party logistics services” explains TMSi’s Chairman. “It’s a testament to our people, our culture, and our ability to deliver real and sustainable performance results to all of our client relationships.”

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