For  10 years, LEGACY’s PARCELite Solutions division has driven delivery channel transparency into high-volume small parcel mail order fulfillment. We leverage best-in-class technology and a specialized operational platform to deliver guaranteed service performance, real-time parcel visibility – and peace of mind, knowing critical orders will be delivered on time.

PARCELite creates true delivery channel transparency from pick up to final delivery.


Our clients, including PBM and government organizations  benefit from our seamless small parcel delivery network resulting in a superior service experience. And our proprietary ‘single-touch’ hands-free manifesting solution creates more efficient and effective work streams.

  • Proprietary Mail Manifesting Technology  – we provide customized rate shop options and optimized USPS pre-sort solutions, specializing in high-volume mail-order prescription medication fulfillment.
  • Increase Visibility – best-in-class technology platform enables transparency in the small parcel delivery channel. Our proprietary iCARE online portal provides 24/7/365 delivery performance analytics, customized reporting and real time delivery channel visibility.
  • Eliminate Service Issues – isolate delivery challenges before they become service problems. We consistently achieve an on-time delivery performance rating of 99.7%+, on volumes of over 50 million small parcel shipments annually.
  • Optimize Platform Effectiveness – our specialized operating platform provides flexible ground and air delivery service solutions that drive both platform cost and service efficiencies.
  • Drive Customer Loyalty – long-term industry leading partnerships that provide delivery performance confidence, and that also create service stickiness in our clients’ mail order fulfillment channel.
  • Business Compliance – we are 100% compliant with all USPS regulations, rules and standards, and certified to utilize the latest USPS technology, including eVS (Electronic Verification System) and IMpb (Intelligent Mail™ parcel barcode).
  • Patient Care – from pick-up to delivery, we audit all operational functions, equipment and processing steps, and also provide centralized USPS BSN performance management to achieve our goal of 100% delivery accuracy.

PARCELite Solutions established network of industry leading partnerships is exemplified by its long-term relationship with the United States Postal Service. We are proud to be one of a select few to be designated as a Preferred Strategic Account for the United States Post Office. This partnership, along with our management team’s collective experience in the high-volume, high-turn small parcel fulfillment industry, allows us to add value to your supply chain – to give you, and your customers, peace of mind.

To learn more about how PARCELite Solutions can add value to a complex piece of your business, contact Tom Rouen at 708.828.4329. For all other supply chain service inquiries, please call 800.361.5028 ext. 6.

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