Dedicated Contract Warehousing Service in Kansas City, KS

Why Kansas City?

Though perhaps less well-known than its Missourian counterpart, Kansas City, Kansas, offers numerous benefits that make it a prime location for your very own warehouse or distribution center. Kansas City is situated on Interstates 35 and 70, meaning it offers direct access to multiple major cities, including Wichita, Topeka, Omaha, Des Moines, St. Louis and Tulsa.

Close to to the University of Kansas and home to multiple automobile manufacturers, Kansas City boasts booming industry and a highly educated workforce. In addition to its over 150,000 residents, local businesses also have access to an additional half a million people in nearby Kansas City, MO. Both the city and the state also offer numerous incentives and tax credit programs to help attract businesses and promote economic growth.

Benefits to the Kansas City Market

  • Third largest city in the state of Kansas and a suburb of Kansas City, MO
  • Centrally located between Wichita, Topeka, Omaha, Des Moines, St. Louis and Tulsa
  • Located along multiple major highways, including Interstate 35 and Interstate 70
  • Highly educated labor force and strong labor market
  • Home to 150,000+ residents and an additional 500,000 in nearby Kansas City, MO
  • Close proximity to the Kansas City International Airport and the Kansas City Southern Railway
  • Business incentives and tax credit programs to promote economic development

Services We Offer

Dedicated Contract Warehousing service: Increase safety, drive out waste and excess costs, improve service levels and critical performance metrics by leveraging our dedicated contract distribution expertise. We understand the Kansas City market from a supply chain, real estate, and labor perspective; and can support your next warehouse initiative whether it’s taking over outsourced operational control of an existing facility in your network, or leading a startup greenfield project.

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