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The Critical Nature of the Supply Chain

Global travel restrictions, and recent requests by local and state governments asking people to stay home are causing employees to question whether they should, or even can come to work.

What We Do is CRITICAL to Winning this Battle with Coronavirus

Now more than ever supply chain is vital to the livelihood of the US, Canada and the World. As non-essential businesses shut down, it is the supply chain industry that enables other critical businesses to provide essential goods & services. A few examples of the critical work Legacy does on behalf of customers:

  • we operate multiple distribution facilities that fulfill orders for food, water & other beverages, pet food, and essential supplies to grocery and retail stores, as well as directly to the homes of consumers.
  • we operate distribution facilities that provide critical component parts, as well as electrical & healthcare testing equipment.
  • every load of brokered freight we execute is moving essential goods through the supply chain, as well as keeping critical transportation infrastructure in balance.
  • we transport freight on Legacy trucks to critical retail and distributor networks.
  • for every ocean container we unload into one of our warehouses, the container is released back into the supply chain to maintain critical capacity.
  • every customs entry we clear on time enables the global supply chain.

Is Supply Chain & Logistics Considered “Essential”?

Absolutely. It is the position of Legacy: businesses that supply other businesses with the support or supplies necessary to operate, including warehousing & distribution, shipping, trucking, freight forwarding & customs brokerage, are essential. We are basing our position on several government, legal, and industry-specific sources who have validated our assertion.

We Embrace our Higher-level Social Responsibility

The work we all do at Legacy is essential to the livelihood of people in the U.S. and Canada. It speaks directly to our Core Value of Making a Difference.

Our Outlook is not unlike other businesses or people who are confronting this crisis. We are all faced with the uncertainty of what this pandemic may bring in the days and weeks to come. However, it is certain we are taking all measures necessary to ensure Legacy’s employees are safe, healthy, and able to stand strong against this threat. We also respect our employees’ decisions to stay away from the workplace for reasons directly related to the Coronavirus pandemic, and are taking all appropriate measures with the mandates we’ve put in place for those employees who are sick or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for this virus.

We thank all of our people for their tireless response and continued commitment to servicing our customers’ supply chains. We will continue to update all as this situation evolves.

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