Dedicated Contract Warehousing Service in Newark, Delaware

Why Newark?

Located 12 miles southwest of Wilmington — just over the border from Maryland — lies Newark, Delaware. A small but thriving city with a population of over 30,000, Newark is best known for being home to the University of Delaware, which translates to a highly educated labor force.

Newark is intersected by multiple highways, including Interstate 95, Route 896 and Route 279, which offer easy access to major cities such as Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Trenton. Just a few miles west of the Delaware River, Newark also provides unfettered access to the entire Atlantic seaboard, making it the ideal location for warehousing and dedicated distribution center services. The state of Delaware offers numerous business incentives and tax credit programs to support economic development, making Newark an attractive location for new and expanding businesses.

Key Benefits of the Newark Market

  • Located outside of Wilmington, DE, just over the border from Maryland
  • Population of over 30,000 — and counting
  • Intersected by multiple highways, allowing for easy access to major cities such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Trenton
  • Proximity to the Delaware River, offering access to the Atlantic seaboard
  • Home to the University of Delaware and a highly educated labor force
  • Numerous business incentives and tax credit programs to support economic development

Services We Offer

Dedicated Contract Warehousing Service: Increase safety, drive out waste and excess costs, improve service levels and critical performance metrics by leveraging our dedicated contract distribution expertise. We understand the Newark market from a supply chain, real estate, and labor perspective; and can support your next warehouse initiative whether it’s taking over outsourced operational control of an existing facility in your network, or leading a startup greenfield project.

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