Dedicated Fleet Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Why Louisville?

Kentucky’s largest city, Louisville sits on the banks of the Ohio River, just over the border from Indiana. This advantageous location makes Louisville a premier riverport with three major terminals — coal, bulk and railroad — and offers easy access to other major cities, including Lexington, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Louisville also sits along the I-264 and I-265 beltways and is home to the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport and the CSX and Norfolk Southern freight railways, offering businesses numerous transportation options.

Multiple universities sit within city limits, including the University of Louisville and Bellarmine University, meaning the city boasts a highly educated workforce. Additionally, given the tax-based incentives and financial programs offered by the city’s economic development team, there can be little wonder as to why numerous major corporations — including multiple manufacturing companies — have set up shop in Louisville.

Key Benefits of the Louisville Market

  • Situated on the bank of the Ohio River, Louisville is a major riverport
  • Located along Interstates 264 and 265, offering easy access to major cities such as Lexington, Cincinnati and Indianapolis
  • Highly educated labor force due to multiple universities within city limits
  • Home to the Muhammad Ali International Airport and the CSX and Norfolk Southern freight railways
  • Numerous tax-based incentives and financial programs to support economic development

Services We Offer

Dedicated Fleet Services: Our extensive experience recruiting and retaining qualified drivers, and creating safe & compliant fleet operations in Louisville and the Southern US region at large, can be leveraged whether you’re looking to optimize your current fleet operation in the area, or break into as a new market. Say goodbye to transportation network variability and gain consistent capacity, increase on-time delivery, and drive your safety and compliance metrics to new levels. From local delivery to long-haul service, recruitment and training to driver management — whatever your transportation needs, Legacy is here to meet them.

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