Dedicated Contract Warehousing Service in Jurupa Valley, California

Why Jurupa Valley?

Located in Riverside County, an hour east of Los Angeles and just outside of San Bernardino, Jurupa Valley, CA, is an ideal location for warehousing and distribution center services. With easy access to Interstates 15, 10 and 215 and State Route 60, as well as to the LA/Ontario International Airport, Jurupa Valley has an advantageous location that makes it easy to ship goods coming in from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the rest of the continental U.S.

Though the city itself has just over 100,000 residents, there are nearly half a million people within a 15-minute drive from the city center, making for a strong labor market. The city’s economic development incentives also make it an attractive place for businesses looking to expand operations.

Key Benefits of the Jurupa Valley Market

  • Proximity to the port cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as San Bernardino
  • Located along Interstate 15 and State Route 60, with easy access to Interstate 10 and Interstate 215
  • Close to LA/Ontario International Airport
  • Heavy rail service with its own Metro-Link Station
  • Small but growing city with a strong labor market
  • Local economic development incentives and additional state-wide incentive programs, including California Competes Tax Credit, Research & Development Tax Credit and California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, to drive business growth

Services We Offer

Dedicated Contract Warehousing Service: Increase safety, drive out waste and excess costs, improve service levels and critical performance metrics by leveraging our dedicated contract distribution expertise. We understand the Jurupa Valley market from a supply chain, real estate, and labor perspective; and can support your next warehouse initiative whether it’s taking over outsourced operational control of an existing facility in your network, or leading a startup greenfield project.

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