Global Logistics Solutions

As a top ranked 3PL company in North America, LEGACY Supply Chain Services understands its role as a third party logistics partner is to add value by providing global logistics solutions for all of our clients.

As goods make their way from origin to ultimate consumer, chances are somewhere along the line supply chain disruption will happen. We excel at developing flexible global logistics solutions to mitigate the risk inherent in moving freight internationally – and have for nearly 40 years.

With years of experience driving high-performing supply chains, we have developed a set of global logistics solutions proven to streamline operations, while also providing cost efficiencies that impact your company’s bottom line.

These solutions include:

Global Transportation Solutions

Working on the world stages requires transportation strategies that are not only cost effective and efficient in terms of schedule, but also exceed client expectations. Our managedtransportation services ensure you get the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution every time. As an international and domestic transportation partner, LEGACY features a dedicated service team with over 38 years of transportation expertise. We utilize Cargowise Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage Technology to provide clients with 24/7 visibility and accessibility.

Customs & Compliance Coordination

A seasoned 3PL should have a keen understanding of what it takes to navigate the many rules and regulations interwoven with customs and compliance. At LEGACY, we provide services that help minimize risk, reduce unnecessary expense, and ensure cargo moves seamlessly across international borders. Our expert team coordinates international compliance support while also providing US customs guidance thanks to our status as a licensed US customs broker. Let our team manage your supply chain’s challenges so you can focus on your business.

Foreign Trade Zones

Working on a global scale often times means a company can use Foreign Trade Zones to receive delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings. There are several benefits to utilizing a foreign trade zone in your supply chain strategy. Some of them include: duty deferral, duty elimination, inverted tariff relief, security and insurance costs and much more. As a to 3PL consultant, LEGACY Supply Chain Services has the experience and knowledge to help you with feasibility analysis to determine whether you should operate your manufacturing and/or distribution from within a Foreign Trade Zone, and the potential cost saving opportunities.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Supply chain risk management is much more than just being a responsive 3PL — it’s about being proactive in developing risk management solutions that can be easily employed across the supply chain. The key is to create supply chain risk management best practices that drive value in supply chain operations. These best practices include: forecasting future supply chain disruptions, having alternative sourcing, transportation and distribution options, understanding compliance rules and regulations and taking advantage of risk management training opportunities.

Warehousing and Storage Solutions

Getting your product from origin, through Customs and into North America without succumbing to supply chain disruptors is a challenge in and of itself. You also need to optimize your North American distribution network. With 50 warehousing and transportation locations across the U.S. and Canada, LEGACY’s distribution network allows our clients to be in closer touch with their customers. We can help engineer your supply chain to optimize network throughput and reduce cost. And once your product finds itself in one of our warehouse locations, it’s managed using some of the most powerful warehouse management technology available today. This technology allows us to give our clients 24/7 inventory visibility.

At LEGACY, we strive to be the single, full-service solution to meet the many logistics needs of any company. We hold numerous trade licenses, program certifications, and association memberships needed to be an effective 3PL partner. Our expansive list of supply chain logistics solutions creates 24/7 transparency and visibility for companies looking to achieve an efficient supply chain process.

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