“I never dreamed the numbers we hit every year were possible. Our LEGACY culture drives us to take costs out of our customers' supply chains.”
Dennis LEGACY Distribution Operations
“I heard stories, but when I came to LEGACY I realized the focus on customer service is for real. Our culture empowers us to go the extra mile.”
Jen LEGACY Client Services

“I Was Shocked at the Impact Culture Can Have…”

People are amazed when they see firsthand how a strong leadership culture drives supply chain performance. We are serious about culture – it is the foundation that allows us to provide high-touch service to customers, develop innovative logistics solutions, constantly seek continuous operational improvement, and partner with clients to take cost out of their supply chains.

The right culture also reaches far beyond the warehouse floor – below are some resources to learn more.

Culture Makes an Impact for our Clients

Higher productivity, reduced costs, increased safety – all driven by an engaged warehouse workforce. Learn how the right approach to developing workplace culture inside the warehouse delivers year-over-year performance for our clients.

Culture Shocked
Culture Shocked

Culture Makes an Impact in our Industry

Innovation in the supply chain industry comes in many forms – technology, design, collaborative relationships and so on. We also believe it’s important to be innovative in developing culture. This recent article from Supply Chain Management Review explores the impact culture has in the supply chain industry.

Culture Makes an Impact in our Community

Having the right leadership culture extends beyond the four walls of a warehouse. Ultimately, a leader will strive to make a difference in the lives of their co-workers and their community.

Culture Shocked

Culture Makes an Impact on our Employees

When people are aligned to the overall vision and mission of a company, a thriving, healthy workplace culture is born. We believe in providing employees the resources to develop into leaders at work, at home, and in their community – and the opportunity to fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Culture Shocked
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