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5 Things to Know About Legacy’s Response to Covid-19

As we continue our Covid-19/Coronavirus response I want to thank every team member for your support as we face this threat together. I have seen countless examples of our people stepping up to the new challenges that have become our reality. I also want to reiterate 5 important things every employee at Legacy should know.

1.   This Covid-19 Situation is Unchartered Territory for Everyone

It goes without saying that we are facing the unknown. Every day brings new questions, new fears, and new responses from governments and society. Although we do not know what will come next, I want everyone to know we are actively addressing this situation 24/7 and will continue to do so.

2.   Our Company is Well-Prepared to Deal with This Uncertainty

I can confidently say we are the type of company who can take on this type of challenge. Through the complex challenges our customers rely on us to solve, and the pains of growth and evolution we’ve pushed through – we are a battle-tested organization which positions us well in these uncertain times. We will rely on the resolve of our leaders, the diligent “hands-on” approach we take as a business, and the servant-leader mindset we embrace to push through this situation.

3.   We Are Taking Necessary Steps to Protect All Stakeholders

I want to reiterate the objectives we set forth from the beginning of our response: protect our employees, protect our customers, protect our business partners, protect our communities and protect & sustain the supply chains we operate.

For the past several weeks we have been taking necessary steps across our business to ensure we can meet these objectives, some of which include:

  • Mobilized a Dedicated Task Force to execute our Covid-19 Response Plan, and ensure all locations in our network are aligned and have access to resources they need.
  • Initiated Employee & Facility Protective Mandates at all Legacy locations including implementing the highest levels of site sanitation, travel restrictions, restrictions on all site visitors, accommodated working from home where possible, and implemented social distancing practices.
  • Adapted the Rules so employees are empowered to self-report or quarantine in a private and confidential manner, in order to protect themselves, their families and their coworkers. We’ve adjusted employee policies for attendance and paid time off and created new shift flexibility where possible.
  • Activated Contingency Plans across sites to maintain business continuity, and provide protective measures in the event an infected employee comes in contact with a site.
  • Added Support including additional corporate EHS resourcing, centralized supply procurement, and 3rd party consultative & legal expertise.
  • Communication is the Lifeblood of our Response an integrated effort between corporate and local resources is driving frequent, 2-way employee communications to ensure all employees are aware, educated and prepared throughout this response.

We continually work to address the current and future needs of the business and our people.

4.   Everything We Do in Supply Chain is Essential

It is the position of Legacy: the supply chain business by nature is critical infrastructure – essential to the livelihood of all people, our customers, our communities & economy. We operate supply chains for some of the largest businesses in North America delivering food, water, sanitation, healthcare and other essential supplies to stores as well as directly to consumers. This work must go on.

This position is recognized by Governing Bodies: we’ve worked with Federal, State, Provincial and Local authorities, and engaged Legal resources to validate our assertion that supply chain is critical infrastructure and must remain in operation. Organizations including the Department of Homeland Security and the Ontario Office of the Premier clearly state businesses that supply other businesses with the support or supplies necessary to operate, including warehousing & distribution, shipping, trucking, freight forwarding & customs brokerage, are essential.

We have taken great diligence to come to this conclusion, and are taking steps to ensure each employee who is willing and able to safely come to work each day is given the opportunity.

5.   We Embrace Our Higher-Level Responsibility

Now more than ever supply chain is vital to the livelihood of the US, Canada and the World. The supply chain is an integrated, interdependent system that requires continual synchronization at all levels to function properly. Every steamship container unloaded, every box packed & shipped, every stop on a delivery route is essential to the livelihood of the supply chain. As soon as any supply chain node is disrupted, the ripple effect can and will be crippling to the World’s current response and recovery effort.

We have a higher-level responsibility to remain operating, it is our way to truly make a difference right now. We thank our people for their response and commitment to servicing our customers’ supply chains. The work we all do at Legacy is essential to the livelihood of people in the U.S. and Canada.

This said, we want to respect our employees’ decisions to stay away from the workplace for reasons directly related to the Coronavirus pandemic. And we continue to reinforce mandates for those employees who are sick or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for this virus.



Mike Glodziak
President and CEO, Legacy Supply Chain


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