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Statement from Legacy Supply Chain on Covid-19 Response

The health and welfare of our employees in the US and Canada, our clients, and the communities in which we operate is at the forefront of our minds and actions as we address the COVID-19 outbreak.

We also embrace our higher-level responsibility. Now more than ever supply chain is vital to the livelihood of the US, Canada and the world. We operate supply chains for some of the largest retailers in North America delivering food, water, sanitation, healthcare and other essential supplies both to stores as well as directly to consumers. It is with that in mind that we are taking the following strategic and tactical measures to ensure our employees are able to do their part in sustaining our customers’ supply chains.

Our Objectives are clear:

  • Protect our employees
  • Protect our customers
  • Protect our business partners
  • Protect our communities
  • Protect and Sustain the supply chains we operate

Our Strategy is to Drive Awareness & Education for our employees as well as the people we interact with on a daily basis; to Ensure Preparedness at all of our sites and operating locations; and to Continually Look Forward & Improve by consulting with 3rd party experts to identify new ways to protect all of Legacy’s stakeholders.

Our Response Plan is focused on identifying imminent and potential concerns in all areas of our business, then being diligent to address them. When we can, we will absolutely “over-do” it with measures to protect our people. For the past several weeks we have been taking proactive steps to prepare for the impact of this pandemic.

  • We’ve Mobilized a Task Force dedicated to the development & actioning of our Covid-19 Response Plan, and to ensure all 40 operating locations in our network are aligned and have access to the resources they need to protect employees and their customers’ business.
  • We’ve Initiated Employee & Facility Protective Mandates at all Legacy operating locations including implementing the highest levels of site sanitation, instituting strict travel restrictions for all employees, placed restrictions on all site visitors, and are restructuring shifts and group interactions to reduce employee contact in our sites. We are also making every effort to accommodate employees working from home where possible.
  • We’ve Adapted the Rules so our employees are empowered to self-report or quarantine in a private and confidential manner, in order to protect themselves, their families and their coworkers. In order to do this, we’ve adjusted employee policies for attendance and paid time off, while our sites are exploring options for flexible shift work, as well as creating temporary “micro” & weekend shifts.
  • We’re Activating Contingency Plans across all operating sites to keep products moving through our distribution centers and transportation networks. We are actively engaged with our business partners, vendors, and customers to maintain business continuity in areas including:
    • People: including creating leadership redeployment scenarios across regional sites in our network, leveraging relationships with multiple labor & staffing agencies in each region we operate and broadening cross-training efforts for job functions with specialized skillset or knowledge requirements.
    • Technology: all of our business systems including WMS, TMS, Accounting & Finance, and Business Communication platforms are cloud-based, housed at offsite data center locations with multiple layers of redundancy.
    • Supply Chain Infrastructure: we are making efforts to establish redundancy in transportation capacity, as well as leverage our existing warehousing & transportation networks to provide additional capacity for our customers as part of their own contingency efforts.
    • Remote Deployment of Critical Corporate Functions: we’ve taken steps to enable key back-office support functions to be performed from employees’ homes.
    • We continually Assess short and long-term Risk and adapt measures to maintain the continuity of our customers’ supply chains.
  • Communication is the Lifeblood of our Response. An integrated effort between corporate and local resources is driving frequent, 2-way employee communications to ensure all employees are aware, educated and prepared throughout this response and beyond.

Our Outlook is not unlike other businesses or people who are confronting this crisis. We are all faced with the uncertainty of what this pandemic may bring in the days and weeks to come. However, it is certain we will take all measures necessary to ensure Legacy’s employees are safe, healthy, and able to stand strong against this threat. We thank our people for their response and commitment to servicing our customers’ supply chains.


Mike Glodziak
President and CEO, Legacy Supply Chain


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