Top 5 Inventory Insights for 2019

Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: Top 5 Inventory Insights for 2019

LEGACY Supply Chain Services, in partnership with Adelante SCM, recently conducted an industry-wide study on the impact of inventory management on omni-channel supply chains. This study examines common challenges, opportunities and best practices, as provided by nearly 100 companies in the retail, manufacturing and logistics service provider space.

The first set of findings from this study, Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: Top 5 Inventory Insights for 2019, takes a closer look at the common characteristics shared by omni-channel performance leaders, and highlights opportunities for improvement.

In this brief, you’ll learn the following:

  • What percentage of businesses have high-performing omni-channel fulfillment
  • Traits omni-channel performance leaders share
  • Insights to elevate your business’s omni-channel performance
  • And more

We partnered with Adrian Gonzalez at Adelante to get a pulse on challenges other companies face today and to look at how business leaders excel in the world of omni-channel logistics. Businesses and service providers that understand the ins and outs of inventory management and supply chain operations are the ones leading the charge in omni.

-Mike Glodziak, President & CEO, LEGACY Supply Chain Services