5 Key Insights to Improve Inventory Performance for 2019

Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders: 5 Key Insights to Improve Inventory Performance for 2019

LEGACY Supply Chain Services, in partnership with Adelante SCM, recently surveyed companies across multiple industries on omni-channel logistics performance. Based on the responses of nearly 100 companies, we evaluated leading inventory management challenges, best practices and opportunities to determine common characteristics shared by omni-channel performance leaders.

By reading this free study, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to synchronize inventory management with distributed order management
  • Why managing product returns is so important
  • And more

“Inventory management is so critical to omni-channel supply chain success. We partnered with Adrian Gonzalez at Adelante SCM to enhance our awareness of the business challenges facing retailers, manufacturers and logistics service providers today, as well as identify how and why certain companies are excelling at omni-channel logistics.”

— Mike Glodziak, President & CEO, LEGACY Supply Chain Services