When it Comes to eCommerce Fulfillment, Bigger is Not Always Better

When it Comes to eCommerce Fulfillment, Bigger is Not Always Better

Flexibility is Key to eComm Fulfillment

As eCommerce fulfillment evolves two things are clear, 1) supply chain must revolve around a consumer who has many buying options, and 2) success comes from flexible and adaptable supply chains. We partnered with Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics on this brief 2-part series.

Part 1: When It Comes to eComm – Why Reinvent the Wheel?

eCommerce fulfillment is more than online shopping carts and parcel shipping. Supply chain partners possess deep and broad understanding of your business. To serve your online customer – a partner must have:

  • Supply chain operational know-how
  • Integrated technology solutions
  • Proven track record in your industry
  • Ability to continually improve speed-to-market and cost-to-serve

Part 2: When It Comes to eComm – Use Logistics as a Competitive Weapon

As today’s consumer places pressure on supply chain to drive sales and protect brand loyalty – logistics strategy & execution is the ultimate tool in the seller’s arsenal. Three keys to winning online supply chain:

  • Build logistical functions around your consumer
  • Drive collaboration into your supply chain
  • Leverage 3PL partners to drive value

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