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Outsourced warehousing is the new differentiator for businesses facing increased pressure to serve customers faster, and at a lower cost. With a third-party warehouse solution, you can leave logistics and supply chain services to the experts and dedicate your focus to growing your business.

The 3PL Warehouse Partner Trusted by 20+ Fortune 500 Companies

50 Warehouse Locations Across North America
LEGACY Supply Chain Services has a dominant geographic footprint of third-party warehouses across North America:

  • 50 locations across North America, in 19 states and 3 Canadian provinces
  • 6 million+ square feet of managed warehouse space
  • 5 Transportation offices
  • Real estate procurement expertise in all major markets

Whether we’re helping you find the most strategic location to build a new distribution center or taking over an existing location, our team will help you successfully navigate the process. We have the proven experience and performance to deliver great results.

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Improving 3PL Warehouse Efficiency Through Cost Savings

There are numerous benefits to 3PL or contract warehousing for any business that is rapidly growing or has plans to expand in the near future. From inventory to labor management and high-volume cross-docking to ecommerce & omni-channel logistics, LEGACY Supply Chain Services can cater to any of your business’ warehousing needs. By outsourcing the distribution of your inventory to a 3PL provider, you can eliminate the added pressure on your bottom line.

LEGACY can help enable profitable business growth by:

  • Driving efficiency
  • Reducing supply chain costs
  • Increasing speed-to-serve results

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Warehouse Transition Experts
(100+ Successful Warehouse Transitions)


Switching warehousing operations from internal warehouse management or another outsourced provider to a 3PL partner can seem daunting. Not to worry — LEGACY has helped 100+ companies transition, and we’ve developed a core competency along the way. Thanks to this experience, we have a dedicated playbook for successful warehouse transition with little to no downtime, followed by significant increases in efficiency.

Awards & Certifications

The editors of Multichannel Merchant have named LEGACY a Top 3PL of 2019 for their expert third-party ecommerce fulfillment and logistics services capabilities.

Sam’s Club honored LEGACY with their 2017 Third Party Provider of the Year Award for driving Membership Value through excellence in service within Sam’s Club’s warehousing and transportation network.

Sam’s Club honored LEGACY with their 2017 Import Distribution Center of the Year Award for warehousing operations excellence and overall supply chain metrics performance.

Transport Topics, a news leader in trucking and freight transportation, named LEGACY a Top Logistics Provider in the category of Top Dedicated Contract Carrier in 2018.

Transport Topics, a news leader in trucking and freight transportation, named LEGACY a Top Logistics Provider in the Warehousing Firm category in 2018.

Named as a Top 100 3PL Provider in 2018 by Inbound Logistics magazine for helping to drive enterprise business process improvement. This is LEGACY'S 10th year in a row winning this award.

Wal-mart Stores, Inc. honored LEGACY with the Sam’s Club Carrier of the Year Award for their remarkably well-executed partnership throughout 2013.

Named one of America’s Leading 3PLs for leadership in leveraging industry-leading technology to provide logistics solutions.

Sam's Club: LEGACY was honored with the 2013 3PL Provider of the Year Award for improving supply chain operations and industry leading customer service and 3PL performance.

C‐TPAT seeks to safeguard the world's vibrant trade industry from terrorists, maintaining the economic health of the U.S. and its neighbors.

The SmartWay® Program is a public-private initiative to improve fuel efficiency and the environmental performance of supply chains.

This award is presented to the 75 companies that are demonstrating their commitment to sustainable supply chain, logistics, and transportation practices.

This warehouse certification uses industry standard-grading methodology for facility assessments by independent third parties.

Member of the leading global association for supply chain management professionals.

Named one of North America's top logistics companies by Transport Topics, a division of American Trucking Associations.

Sam's Club: LEGACY was honored with the 2016 Import DC of the Year Award for overall performance to operational metrics including cost, service, compliance & quality.

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3PL Warehouse Services
ECommerce order fulfillment
B2B and B2C pick/pack and order fulfillment
Kitting and packaging
Barcoding and labeling
Product inspection and testing
WMS/RF technology
Multi-point DC-to-DC, DC-to-store distribution
Assembly and manufacturing component fulfillment
Omni-Channel distribution
Direct to installer and contractor fulfillment
Custom technology integration solutions
Labor management, hiring and training
Reverse logistics and returns processing
Customer service and claims management
High-volume cross docking
Tier 1 WMS technology
Network studies



Our results are proven and documented; here’s a sample of select case studies:

  • Distribution center costs decreased by 18 percent — the cost/line shipped was reduced from a high of $7.79 (and an average over time of $7.10) to $6.41. Service quality metrics improved from 91 percent to 99.2 percent
  • Reduced trailer lease expenditure by 20 percent
  • Increased eCommerce picks/hr by 13.9 percent
  • DC network realignment and removal of redundancy resulted in reduction of overall footprint by ~20 percent — significantly lowering real estate, labor and operating cost structures in their network
  • Reduced cost per case by 11.95 percent
  • Decreased recordable injuries from annual high of 44 (and an average over time of 30) to 8. The OSHA safety rate dropped from an average of 13.4 to 4.2

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Instead, let us quickly assess your warehouse needs and see if we can help you hit goals. We’re not a fit for everyone, and that’s ok. But when we are, the results are incredible. Let’s see what we can do together.


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Industry Expertise


LEGACY has deep expertise in the following industries, with case studies for each available upon request:

  • Retail
  • Consumer goods
  • Electronics
  • Distributors and wholesalers
  • ECommerce
  • Industrial manufacturing.


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The 3PL Warehouse Partner Trusted by 20+ Fortune 500 Companies

Schedule a free assessment call with a LEGACY Supply Chain Services specialist and let them assess your existing logistics strategy and infrastructure.

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