Get Your RFP Template for Logistics Services

Create the perfect RFP and find your ideal 3PL partner using our free template.

Choosing a 3PL provider is one of the most important decisions your company can make — after all, your 3PL will be responsible for ensuring that your products reach your customers at the right time, for the right cost.

That’s why it’s important to shop around and look for a partner that can offer the right blend of operational expertise, technological capabilities and creative solutions to take your online supply chain to the next level.

Our free, downloadable template will provide you with the 11 items you need to design the perfect RFP, including:

  • A non-disclosure agreement to protect both your confidential business and supply chain information and your 3PL’s competitive interests
  • A solid introduction that establishes what your company does, why you’ve submitted an RFP and what you hope to achieve through your partnership
  • A timeline for the proposal submission and selection process, including specific milestones
  • A response requirements section
  • And more

Take the first step toward finding a 3PL partner capable of meeting your logistics needs both now and for years to come.

Download Free RFP Template

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